Hyundai R375-7 arm boom bucket cylinder repair seal kit



Model Part NO Part Name
R1300W 91E3-2711 BOOM
91E3-2712 ARM
R1300W(LC)-3 31Y1-03561 BOOM
R1400W(LC)-7 31Y1-18170 BOOM
31Y1-18110 ARM
R1600W(LC)-7 31Y1-20430 BOOM
R1700W(LC)-7 31Y1-20450 ARM
31Y1-20340 BUCKET
R1800LC-3 31Y1-04191 BOOM
31Y1-04461 BUCKET
HX80 91E1-2706 BOOM
R2000W-7 31Y1-15880(15885) BOOM
R210LC-7 31Y1-15230(15235) ARM
R2200LC-7 31Y1-15700(15705) BUCKET
R250LC-3 31Y1-09990 BOOM
31Y1-09860 ARM
HX100 31Y1-06990 BOOM
R2800LC 31Y1-07190 ARM
31Y1-07350 BUCKET
R290 31Y1-15040 ARM
31Y1-15540 BUCKET
R3000LC-7 31Y1-15395 BOOM
R3200LC-7 31Y1-21100 BOOM
R355LC-7 31Y1-19080 ARM
31Y1-19090 BUCKET
R3600LC-3 31Y1-08691 ARM
31Y1-08831 BUCKET
R4500LC-7 31Y1-18411(24790) BOOM
R4700LC-7(A) 31Y1-18420 ARM
31Y1-18430(24670) BUCKET
R5000LC-7 31Y1-26580 BOOM
31Y1-26760 BUCKET


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