Doosan DH370-9 arm boom bucket seal kit



Model Part NO Part Name
S280LC 2440-6120K BOOM
2440-6122K ARM
2440-6123K BUCKET
S320LC 2440-9413AKT BOOM
2440-9416AKT ARM
2440-9415AKT BUCKET
S360LC-V 2440-9280CKT ARM
2440-9281AKT BUCKET
S400LC-3 2440-9440KT ARM
2440-9441KT BUCKET
S470LC-V 440-00015AKT ARM
440-00013AKT BUCKET
DX140 K9002306 BOOM
K9002308 ARM
K9002307 BUCKET
DX300 K9001007 BOOM
K9001008 ARM
K9001009 BUCKET
DX420 K9002066 BOOM
K9002067 ARM
DX480 K9002003 BOOM
K9002002 ARM


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