What determines the o-ring/o ring kit quality?

O ring is the most popular seal in many use.
Material and process decide o ring performance.
We have some normal material (NBR/PU/FKM)
NBR is the cheapest and universal,but it can’t working in low temperature.
PU can suit low temperature and other performance as best as NBR.
No matter what kind of material it can made o ring to any color.(other rubber product same) But we are NBR o ring is black,PU is beige and dark green.
Above these are very common
In china,everything we can do.
The original material to make o ring is no problem.
But if the customer bargain or even give the price less than original material price.The supplier will use other material.
So every china market one product have at less three kind of product.(original/AAA/A/rubbish different proportion of original material)
We want to do built stable relationship for our customer,so we do our brand and even relinquish some customer.
Seal quality is hard to distinguish.It need use once time.Contact us to give sample.(Our manager phoebe whatsapp/skype 13580459955)

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