NOK P G AS568 series O ring numbers naming rules

When we need the o ring,we need to know the d1 and d2.(As the picture)

In fact,nok have a series of naming rules for o ring.

Such as P series

P3~P10 d2 is 1.9mm

P10A~P22 d2 is 2.4mm

P22A~P50 d2 is 3.5mm

P50A~P150 d2 is 5.7mm

And all the P series d1 is the Px=x-0.2mm=d1

For example P18 d2 is 2.4mm d1 is 18-0.2=17.8mm

So it don’t need to measuring the o ring size also can ensure the size.


G series

G25~G145 d2 is 3.1mm

over than G150 d2 is 5.7mm

G series d1 is the Dx=x-0.6mm=d1

For example G30 d2 is 5.7mm d1 is 30-0.6=29.4mm


AS568 series no like the G and P series have the d1 regular.

(maybe i don’t)

AS568 0 d2 is 1.78mm

AS568 1 d2 is 2.62mm

AS568 2 d2 is 3.53mm

AS568 3 d2 is 5.33mm

If there are errors, please correct me!Tks.

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