As the literal meaning.Double acting have twice lip,single acting have one lip.In fact the double or single hydraulic cylinder seal have no big different.The twice lip is auxiliary function.When the main lip is damage.That the seal can’t use. Whether it is double or single,we all can make.The high quality material decision […]

Double acting or single acting hydraulic cylinder seal different

O ring is the most popular seal in many use. Material and process decide o ring performance. We have some normal material (NBR/PU/FKM) NBR is the cheapest and universal,but it can’t working in low temperature. PU can suit low temperature and other performance as best as NBR. No matter what […]

What determines the o-ring/o ring kit quality?

When the excavator working,you may see it working as a regular action.The hydraulic pump push hydraulic oil and the control valve change the oil seal flow direction.So the excavator working is a series of action.And the control valve seal kit nearly all is o ring.(some have skeleton oil seal) The […]

How the excavator working?

When we need the o ring,we need to know the d1 and d2.(As the picture) In fact,nok have a series of naming rules for o ring. Such as P series P3~P10 d2 is 1.9mm P10A~P22 d2 is 2.4mm P22A~P50 d2 is 3.5mm P50A~P150 d2 is 5.7mm And all the P […]

NOK P G AS568 series O ring numbers naming rules

When we combination one of cylinder seal kit.We have a simple skill to check the is it right or not.As the picture,the cylinder repair seal kit is at least two kind of diameter for the seal. If we storage seal at warehouse,we can make same diameter different kind of seal at one place.( Such as […]

The size regular of hydraulic cylinder repair kits

When we need the hydraulic oil seal.Maybe we will confuse what color is best quality.For example,the center joint seal kit have three different brand ROI seal.Different model excavator use different kind.But it no affect the seal quality. Center joint seal kit NOK ROI Komatsu ROI HALLITE ROI Our brand

Center joint seal kit and different kind of ROI seal